Dell inspiron 6000 won't boot from XP CD with large drive

Hey guys

I have the a problem with my Dell Inspiron 6000. I wanted to change my 60 GB HD with a 320 GB Western Digital HD. I knew about the maximum 137 GB that the BIOS could recognoze, but when I booted from the XP CD it looked like it could recognize the entire 320 GB HD, so I thought OK and tried to make only one partition of 320 GB.

After doing this when I start my laptop I only get the blinking cursor in the upper left corner. So I pretty much knew that it was because I partioned my drive to large.

And this is where my REAL problem begins. I am trying to boot from the XP CD to make more partitions under the 137 GB limit. However my computer won't boot from the CD and let me delete the 320 GB partition. I jut get a black screen?! My computer just refuses to boot from the CD and it's also unable to boot from the hard drive (which never worked after the installation).

What to do? Help is very appreciated.

Best Regards

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  1. Boot from the wd hardrive software. If you don't have the wd cd, then burn one. The software is free off wd's website. It should recognize both drives as long as you have the sata and power supply cables installed. This software will let you configure your new drive as the boot or secondary drive. Then you can make a drive to drive copy if desired. My maxblast 5 software has this feature; saves alot of time. After the files are copied, the system shuts down. Then you can make your old drive as secondary by changing the jumper if it's ide.
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