Best bios settings for P5Q Deluxe with intel core2 quad Q9550


i'm trying to find the best settings for my new mobo (Asus p5q deluxe) and chip Intel core2 quad q9550. at the moment everything is on the defualt/auto settings and i would like to get it running the best it can (ofc!)

thanks :D
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  1. P5Q-Dlx, Disable Following in BIOS: c1E, Max CPU Value Limit & Intel Virtualization. This will stop the CPU from throttling down and up and give you a steady base line to OC from. I am like you, I only have a CPU Ratio of 8.5 max on this Q9550; that being said, try these settings. AI OC Manual, CPU Ratio 8.5, FSB Freq 468 which = 3.978GHz! PCIe Freq 100 (DeFault), FSB Strap to NB AUTO (DeFault), DRAM Freq DDR2-1152. All else AUTO. I have been running this way doing BenchMarks with OCCT, Orthos & SuperPi for hours on end! Good Luck, enjoy. --
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