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If I get a compatible graphics card seen here: ,does it matter that my processor is outdated if I want decent Blu-ray/HD DVD playback? I have an AMD Athlon XP 2100+ or should I upgrade the processor as well. I have the LG GGW - H20L HD DVD/BluRay drive. Thanks to all who reply...
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  1. Well for going Blu-Ray/ HD DVD... Upgrading your CPU and getting a better graphics card would be a good idea.

    The 2400HD is old and even though it is made for HD process' it is not as fast as newer models... a 3000/4000 series would result in much better performance, not to mention probably no sound difference not to mention WAY CHEAPER then 99$.
  2. ^^^

    A mobo for the Athlon XP 2100+ is going to either AGP or PCI slots.

    It will not have a PCI-e slot since they did not exist back then.
  3. If you stick with upgrading the video card and keeping your current configuration you will want to have about 2gigs of ram and not try to multitask while you watch your movie.

    You definitely would be better off upgrading the mobo & cpu in which will likely require a power supply upgrade. Doing this may interfere with your recovery cd working on the new hardware if you are using a prebuilt system such as a Dell. I can assume this is what you have since you gave a Dell link for the video card you are interested in.

    Please go to Ebay and get for 1/2 of that price. You can also get the HD 2600 for less that your link.

    What's the wattage on your power supply and whats your amps on the +12 volt rail?
  4. Englandr753- I gave the Dell link because i have an account with them,and it's great to get from them when my loot is nose diving. I'll try that suggestion for Ebay. I've gotten a number of great things from there. For now ,the upgraded card and a few sticks of memory might be good The thing is your suggestion about an upgraded CPU and mobo might be the more feasible option for the future,and my brother suggested this option to me yesterday Thanks for all your replies
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    If upgrading the cpu and motherboard is an option for you then do it. You will have 5 times the system if you do.

    You will need a new power supply and memory too. Depending on the type you get you may need ddr2, which is more affordable, or ddr3 which is for the I7 and latest Phenom II's.

    Prepare to possibly have to buy a new operating system because the recovery cd probably won't work after the overhaul.

    Put as many cooling fans in your case as you can get to keep the new stuff cooler.
  6. Thanks to all. A new motherboard and processor are in the works
  7. Awesome. I think you will definitely be happier with this choice in the long run. Good going... ;)
  8. Okay here we go again, Got a EVGA 780i mobo ,an Intel Quad core processor q9300, a WD 750GB Caviar Black in a new AZZA Helios Case with enough cooling for a butcher shop ,along with Windows Seven Ultimate 64 bit with all the latest updates. My LG GGW H20L still won't play Blu Ray or HD DVD due to the need for an AHCI to ATA change in the BIOS. I searched in the BIOS and I haven't really seen where this change can be made. Two questions arise from this issue: Will making this change affect anything critical?? and 2)if the answer to the last question is no,then where in the BIOS can I make this change?? Thanks to all who reply....
  9. I actually don't see this in my BIOS of my 780i either but heres some opinions on it anyway...

    Be sure to get the latest firmware for your blu ray drive and any other dvd drives you may have. This can resolve any burn issues and possible read issues with cd & dvd writable disks. Some drive manufacturers have utilities you can use to make this easy. You have to treat it as if you are flashing the BIOS on your motherboard, you can't have a power interrupt during the flash or it will be rendered useless.

    What kind of message and when do you see it?...
  10. Thanks so much for your rapid reply. Since i wrote about this,I've done what you've suggested ,and went to the LG site looking for the latest firmware,and as it so happens,I already have it on my drive. In addition,I looked in Device Manager and saw that my BFG Tech GeForce 8400 GS is described as a 'PCI Input Device'and has a amber exclamation mark beside that description. When attempting to apply the drivers ,it's not recognized , and my system says there is no device that so I'm thinking the card will have to be reseated. This may be part of my problem. Also Nvidia doesn't have drivers for Windows Seven for my graphics card. Problems,problems !!
  11. Do you have Windows 7 32 or 64 bit?

    Download the proper driver for your video card. 8 Series will work for your card. Be sure to uninstall any previous video driver you may have installed before you install this driver:

    Windows 7 32 bit

    Windows 7 64 bit

    It sounds like its a video card driver. In the back of my mind this is what I was thinking and thats why I was asking what kind of message were you seeing to prompt you for AHCI to ATA change.

    Install the correct one and reboot. Let me know if this fixes the issue. It should...
  12. Okay,I'll reseat the card and install the driver. just to let you know,i saw this driver,attempted to install it,but it didn't work. But I'll follow thru,and let you know what happened . Thanks again BTW 'it's 64 bit
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