Seagate gets samsung and WD gets Hitachi: which to choose (future)

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and wanted to hear some other people's thoughts on Seagate acquiring samsung's HDD division and WD getting Hitachi's. It is detailed in this article:,12612.html

My question is which company does everyone prefer for mechanical drives. Given that we will soon be down to only two companies to choose. If you've got a favorite company please also include at least one reason as to why they're the best to choose.

For a little background info I'm currently buying parts for my third custom build. It will be used for an HTPC with mild gaming (maybe everquest etc). Although I am sticking to a mid tower case rather than small form factor. In my first two builds I used western digital hdd's and I have no personal experience with the other three options namely hitachi, samsung, or seagate.

Thanks for your opinons
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    I personally hope that people continue to choose both companies - competition is good for the industry.
  2. At least someone posted their thoughts, thank you.
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