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My Gateway GT5694 hangs for 30 - 45 mins during boot up. I set it so I can see what's going on during boot and this is what happens. Boots fine till - Auto Detect USB MAss Storage Device. Device #01 IOI-CFC *HIGHSPEED* DEVICE #02 IOI-SMC *HIGHSPEED* DEVICE #03 -Hangs here for 30-45 min - IOI-MMC *HIGHSPEED* Finished the rest of the boot up and system runs fine for days until I have to reboot. Any ideas
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  1. Check the bios for a lan rom boot setting and disable.
  2. I tried that in fact I disabled all onboard network devices and the firewire one too. I also noticed that if I keep powering off then on again while it is hanging that usually on the third or forth time it will boot normally until it is powered off. Gateway wants me to send it to them with $199.00 and they will fix it or I can just buy a new motherboard for $99.00 and do it myself???
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