Momentus XT with Win XP?

Okay umm well I decided to buy a Momentus XT for my 3 year old MBP. I'm a long time Windows XP user though and I've stuck to it on my laptop even though my home and work computers use 7.

Anyway I was wondering if I should be using Win 7 or Win XP with my new HDD. I'd prefer to use Win XP, but I've remember reading issues about XP and SSDs. I was wondering whether it makes a difference for the Momentus XT.

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  1. The momentus XT does not behave like an ordinary SSD in the sense that the user doesn't have direct access to the SSD part. The momentus uses some kind of internal table system to determine file access frequency and loads those files depending on frequency of usage into the SSD. Therefore it won't really matter which os you use.

    Just remember that being a platter drive, it will need defragmenting from time to time, which will also reset the SSD information, meaning the drive will have to relearn everything again, to attain previous performances.
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