PENTIUM 4 HT 630 and latest core 2 Common motherboards=?

Hello Guys,

I have a PENTIUM 4 HT 630 3.00 GHz desktop processor, I am in search of a motherboard(intel or Asus) which supports this processor and also a Core2 or even the latest as on date. Can you help??

Thank You Aravind
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    this is the best you can do

    however, you won't get support for many new processors cuz that mobo is so old

    even BIOs updates won't give many more choices
  2. ^ no

    This ASRock board supports just about all 775 CPUs. BTW, ASRock is a part of ASUS

    ASRock G41M-GS $51.99
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    I should also mention that you will need to use the jumpers on the board to force support for the older CPU. Read the manual. If you want a better board for Crossfire then you may also wish to consider.

    ASRock P45X3 Deluxe $99.99

    The only issue I have with that board is that it uses a chip to divide the lanes, like old school crossfire and SLI boards, rather than doing it automatically as most P45 boards do.
  4. Thanks guys for the help. you guys are experts...
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