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Hey guys

Im looking for a card within a 100$ price range.

My config is as follows :

CPU : Amd Athlon x2 7850
Motherboard :ASUS m3n78-em (Geforce 8300 chpiset)
Ram:2gb Kingston
Psu:A simple 400w(not a pro )

Im in a fix between choosing a Radeon HD4670 and Geforce 9600gt

Some say HD4670 is better ,im worried if it will conflict with my geforce chipset.

Please reacommend me a good card !!!
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  1. "The Radeon HD 4770 is nearly as fast as dual HD 4670s in CrossFire mode, and is much more energy efficient than the GeForce 9800 GT"

    This is a quote from a tomhardware article.
    The price of a 4770 is about $102. It's faster and reccomended my Tomshardware. It will not cause any conflicts with your chipset. They may be from competing companies but they simply do thier job.
  2. Get this and dont forget to use you seat-belt.....

    XFX PVT98GYDLU GeForce 9800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

    CoD4 included / Free Shipping
  3. If you don't want to upgrade your power supply I'd recommend a low power or energy efficient 9600 GT or 9800 GT. Either one would trounce an HD 4670.

    Not a mainstream brand, but it has an excellent fan that would be very quiet and effective. Doesn't need a power cable - gets all its juice from the PCI-E slot:
  4. Right now ATI offers much better value, and you can get more performance for your money by buying ATI cards. The 4850 is currently the fastest card for under $100.

    It is basically equivalent to a 9800gtx, but has much more power than a 9800gt
  5. OvrClkr said:
    Get this and dont forget to use you seat-belt.....

    XFX PVT98GYDLU GeForce 9800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

    CoD4 included / Free Shipping

    Wouldnt a 4850 be a better option. That 9800gt seems a bit expensive.
  6. Yes, definitely a 4850

    I remember when they were over $200...seems like it was yesterday!
  7. HD 4850 is a good buy, but he has a 400w generic power supply. Might/probably won't work out in the long run. If he can replace that it would be the logical choice. Otherwise, something low power like the 9600 GT, 9800 GT (energy efficient models for both) or HD 4670.
  8. The 4850 will work fine on a 400w PSU given his system configuration. I've upgraded many computers from HP, Gateway, and Dell that have 350w and 400w PSUs with 4850s, and the PSU has never been an issue. They really exaggerate the recommendations on most cards because they have to plan for the worst case scenario of the system and PSU they will be used with.
  9. The 4850 would be an excellent buy but not earth-shattering... I suggested due to then fact that you get a game and free shipping..... It's a no brainer unless you plan on xfire in the future.......
  10. I got my HIS Iceq4 HD 4850 for $100 on a weekend when it was on sale in
  11. Thanks a lot guys

    So I think I'll go for a Radeon !!!
  12. +1 @jeffredo. We're not sure that's a decent 400W PSU (such as the ones Dell uses), it may be an utterly cheap generic, that will smoke if attached to a 4850. Without knowing more about it, the safest choices would be the low power nVidia 9800GT he linked, or an ATI HD4670.
    Virajk, can you post what is on the label of your PSU? Brand and model would be nice, but at the least there should also be a table listing its outputs.
  13. If the generic 400W PSU doesn't even have a PCIE power connector, then almost certainly its output won't be balanced for a modern system, with most of its load on +12V. You can use an adapter, but maybe not safely.
    The HD4770, if you can find one, uses only a little more power than a 4670 even though it does need a PCIE power cable.
  14. Here's what is written on my P.S.U

    Name :I-ball

    AC input :230VAC 50/60Hz

    DC output :
    +3.3V -> 25A
    +5V -> 32A
    +12V -> 17A
    +5VSB -> 2A
    -12V -> 0.8A
    PW-OK ->P.G.
  15. Definitely don't get a 4850 with only 17 amps on the 12V rail.
  16. dude if your powersupply can handle it bestbuy was selling bfg gtx 260 216 ver for 100$. If you can spend 120$ you can pick up a brand new ati 4870.

    you can also find 4770 less than 100$
    you can also find 9800gtx+ for 109$
    you can also find a used gtx 260 for ~ 120$
  17. You won't be able to handle GTX 260 either, whether it is core 216 or not.
  18. whats a good amperage on the 12v rail? my PSU puts out 18 amps on each 12V rail and I run a 4850 without any issues....(550W rosewill PSU)
  19. A good output on the 12V would be 80-90% of the total PSU capability. For a 400W, this would be around 26-30A. For a 550, this would be around 37-41.
  20. good amperage on 12v rail 26-30A, but the higher the better. Also depends if the power supply is single or multiple rail.
  21. how do you determine your requirements on a multiple rail PSU? I bought mine based on the newegg reviews, Im kinda dumb when it comes to PSU's
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