Need drive for maxtor 3200 ext hard drive

I need a driver for a maxtor 3200. I have a hp desktop running windows 7
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  1. I believe the Maxtor 3200 takes standard SATA2 3.5" hard drives.

    Simply go online and find a 320GB or 500GB SATA2 3.5" hard drive and install into the Maxtor 3200 caddy. It'll only be a case of taking a few screws out, unplugging the current HDD and swapping it.

    If anyone else can confirm whether it using IDE or SATA it might help.

  2. In one place you wrote drive; in the other driver. Which?

    Is this an internal or external drive? If internal, and the drive is new, you don't need a driver. You need to partition and format the drive. If this is a new internal drive, see

    If it's external, or had data on it before, please give us more details.
  3. Thanks for your info. I have the 3200 external drive , I just need a driver for the unit. Reading thru the forum on 'Maxtor 3200 ' it seems that if you move the unit to a new pc, with a different os, for me I had a lap top running XP, now have a desk top running Windows 7, it's not happy. My little laptop died so I cant go backwards. Other family members have Vista, so no help there.
    So yes, a compatable "driver" for a PC running Windows 7 would be a great start. Thanks - Richard
  4. No driver is required for an external drive, be it USB, FireWire, or eSata. To the best of my knowledge, you have some other problem.

    Let me know if you are willing to walk through a trouble-shooting sequence.
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