Random spikes 6000x2

Hi guys 1st post on here so be gentle :).

ok so been using the AMD 6000x2 for about a year and a half, never had a problem till now.
and suddenly im getting random Lag or hang spikes, indicated at 100% of CPU usage.
normally i play WoW and it happens here, of course wow isnt exactly resource hungry, tried using the ASUS probe, rivatuner and also disabled the smart fan option to allow me max fan speed all the time. and my gpu is a 9800gtx

my gpu is running
idle about 44c
under load to about 50c

idle about 45c
load up to 52c

using current up to date drivers for mobo, gpu and cpu.
i really cant understand whats hogging all my CPU in such random spikes, but its making my gaming unplayable.

as its my cpu showing the 100% usage i thought it appropriate to post here.

are there many known issues or fixes related to this problem?

oh and OS is xp on sp2 but soon to windows 7 ultimate
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  1. where does it lag in game.. if its like.. dalaran.. or during a 25man raid.. thats normal wow lag.
  2. no, i get about 80fps in dala and everything set on highest. im sure normal dala and raids dont cause 100%cpu usage for a few seconds.
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