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Hello every one, I was wondering, will I be able to put a Bus speed of Higher the 333.3mhz on my CPU if the DRAM frenquency of my memory is 333.3mhz. Or does the frequency of my ram folow the bus speed ?

Thanks alot and happy gaming !! :)
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What are your components?
  2. Thanks for your reply, My MOBO is a Gigabyte G41M-ES2H, 2X2gb DDR2 Samsung M3 78T5663QZ3-CE6, intel core 2 quad Q9300 2.5ghz. And I think thats all I need for my OC infos :P

    Thanks ! :)
  3. Do you have a cooler? Not the stock cooler, a decent cooler.
  4. Yes sorry thats what I forgot xD I have a Cooler Master TX3. It's cheap but VERY powerful. :D
  5. I'm sorry for the double post but it's a Hyper TX3 :P
  6. Ok.

    Change your DRAM frequency in BIOS to the lowest possible value and star to rise the bus speed of your CPU in little steps.
  7. how do I know when its gonna be at max, will it stop raising ?
  8. You are limited by the RAM frequency, temps and CPU voltage, DRAM in 1st place will be your wall.
  9. is CPU host clock control the deal ?? If not, what's it called in the BIOS

    BTW thanks alot !
  10. Try with that, I'm not sure how it's called in your BIOS or take a picture of your BIOS and I can tell you.
  11. Here it is.

    Thanks for your asistance
  12. Yeah, the option is the "CPU Host Clock Control".
  13. Oh and BTW, I'm building a new rig, do you think those two are gonna fit together ?


    Because the MOBO says its memory voltage is 1.5v and the memory uses 1.65. Should I go for something else ?? :)
  14. No, both mobo and RAM can fit without problems.
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