What is Gigabyte's "Browser Configuration Utility"?

I just built a machine with a GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD4 and did the chipset express install, only to later notice it included (and installed) a "browser configuration utility" . What is that? I couldn't find any info on it and it sounds a little fishy and bloatware-ish to me.... (maybe it's those cheesy gigabyte graphics that make me worry! :-)

If it is bad stuff, how can I uninstall? (coming to W7 from XP...)

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  1. I found one reference to it that says the installed stated it will "Set your browsers search engine to Google." And another motherboard review that referred to the utility as the "Google Browser Configuration Utility".

    Open "Add or Remove Programs" by hitting your windows key and typing that command (i.e., click the Windows Start icon and type that in the 'Search Programs and Files' box). Or go through Control Panel. If the utility is listed in the list of programs, uninstall it.
  2. Normally you will find it under program files/deviceVM/

    There is also a readme file stating "The Browser Configuration Utility is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, powerful search engine." and "In the Address Bar of either Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8, type the string of characters you want to search for, then press the <Enter> key. The default Address Bar search engine is Yandex (for Russian), Baidu (for Simplified Chinese), or Yahoo (for all others), depending on your language and location. "

    I am sure it can be uninstalled/deleted without problems. It comes together with the installation files of a GIGABYTE motherboard for instance.
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  4. As far as I can guess, DeviceVM's Browser Configuration Utility's primary purpose seems to be to redirect autosearches (when you type search words into your MSIE's browser's address box instead of the its search box) to a custom search engine partner variation, possibly so that a referral-fee portion of Google's ad revenues from your searches gets paid to a 3rd party like DeviceVM. For example, it redirected my autosearches to a URL like this (which I was able to find in my Windows registry):

    Browser Configuration Utility also has the side effects of making the search results page from autosearches look a little different than normal and prevents it from being changed using MSIE's normal search engine settings.

    I was able to use the Windows control panel's Add/remove programs utility to uninstall the Browser Configuration Utility and restore my browser autosearch function back to normal.
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  7. What are you guys talking about? "Anonymous" was very helpful for me just now. I searched for a solution to my problem, and not until I read "Anonymous"'s response did I decide that I would definitely uninstall this application. I have never in my life seen someone actually discourage the active communication of a relevant solution to a public. Usually it's just inaction by the many that is seen

    If you hadn't realized it, the existence of this application in the add/remove programs list is such that no clue is provided as to it's purpose. A user has a choice -- either search for the thing on the internet or search for variations/combinations of "browser" "configuration" and "utility" in windows. I use Win 7 so the latter is quite easy to do -- windows button, click, start typing. Now, coming short on answers, one would logically fall back on Plan B, search for it on the internet. Here is a thread that is first in my list of relevant search results. Also, you may notice that common sites like Toms are regularly indexed by search engines

    As an owner of a GA-P55A-UD4P, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this resolution allowed me to progress from "wtf is this sh**" to "ahhh, get the hell outta here jerk"

    That is until I read you're ridiculous reactions to this thread, and was compelled to respond (anonymously, hopefully).

    FYI and all that
  8. Quote:
    What are you guys talking about?

    Let me see if I can explain exactly what we are talking about. I answer posts here, varying from the simplest "didn't crack the manual once" questions, to complex "needs a half-day of research, and the 'chewing up' of four hundred pages of I/O hub datasheets" issues - and I treat it like it was a job! I try my damndest to give cogent answers, and when necessary, to explain complex technical issues in a way that can be understood by folks lacking a technical/electronics background...

    We try to, in general, discourage 'resurrection' of old posts for several reasons:

    1 - often, the person 'necrothreading' posts something completely irrelevant to the original post, or 'base level' info that is available from the simplest search...

    2 - just as often, folks post new questions that they, somehow, 'see' as relevant, but are widely divergent from the actual topic; to attempt a decent answer, this requires that I read through the entire original (maybe twelve item, maybe four page) post, note the commonalities as well as the differences, establish a baseline by asking "did you try the item in entry six?", "do you, like the original poster, have 'xxx' and 'yyy' installed?" and endless, similar folderol...

    3 - people regularly post to existing items that have already marked as 'solved'; if it's a busy day, and a number of posters 'push' their addition down a few 'slots', it may go unoticed, for either days, or completely...

    I went to great lengths to attempt to get the 'common questions/problems' addressed in the 'sticky', and I have observed a noticeable reduction in the number of simple, repetitive answers, leaving me more time to construct more informative articles, as well as tackle more interesting, in-depth, 'fun' issues:

    In the sticky, I have a couple 'rules', each one of which exists, not to attempt to 'exercise control', but to make my life (and, I hope, the lives of other contributors) easier:

    Don't resurrect 'dead' threads - if there hasn't been a post to a thread for three weeks or a month - let it 'lie in peace'! (hopefully, explained above!)

    Do include a list of all the components (manufacturer & part/model number) in your system, including USB devices plugged in, other than keyboard and rodent (see 'USB Woes' below...); Murphy's Law plainly states that the one component you forget to put in your list, will be the component causing your problem :( ! (pretty much 'self-explanatory - I hope!)

    Do, once your problem is fixed, select either 'solved' or a 'best answer' - marks the thread as 'finished', and keeps 'the help' happier! (again, my convenience...)

    Definitely, don't post new questions to threads marked 'Solved'; odds are no one will ever look at them again ! (mentioned above!)

    Do put your full, accurate motherboard part number (i.e., "GA-EP45T-UD3LR"), as well as the revision number, if applicable, in your thread title... (this one is not so obvious - I might have ten or twenty tabs open in Explorer when I am researching issues for a few people simultaneously - this puts their board p/n in the primary tab, so I needn't keep 're-opening it' to figure out just what I'm looking for!)

    Also, you may notice that common sites like Toms are regularly indexed by search engines

    Not only am I aware of it, but, if I am providing a particularly comprehensive discussion, I will often take pains to intersperse it with 'search terms', to make the 'indexing' produce more easily 'searchable' results...

    So - I hope you can understand that we're not trying to be arbitrary here, just trying to encourage 'good process' by attempting to 'extinguish', in the over-all picture, non-functional behaviours...
  9. This is source of information and information doesn't get old. Just ignore the creation date, today this thread came useful to me. Just take a chill pill, listen to some Beatles maybe.. unless you think they're too old.
  10. I Agree with both Bilbat AND Dogzer - Don't resurect old posts just to say "me too" or to keep beating a dead horse, however the info may stay relevant for years and if there is something new to add to it, then adding that may save someone else additional searching. Which is why I am here.

    I built a Gigabyte system back in Dec '09. Just today I happened to run a program called "Trojan Remover" and guess what it identified as a keylogger called "trojan.BHO" sending info back to some site - yep - our object of topic. I don't know if it is the same one that was installed but hopefully my online bank info didn'[t get comprimized. Hopefully my use of Firefox and disabling ICMP in my firewall were enough.

    Now I regularly run various scanners and this is the first this has shown up so I wanted to search for more info from others that have run into this. Thats how I found this thread. I am only updating to it due to this potential threat to others. If this file really isn't a threat it would be good to add that here to, then it can die in peace as far as I am concerned.

  11. I have the same problem, Browser Config Utility. A different Motherbore though: Asus p7h57d-v evo. Looks like many motherbore experts here. Can someone help? Oh! I dont have a problem yet but just want to know all about it. I think it is a good idea to know what you are installing (I mean both Hardware <i/><b/>and</b></i> software)before you do so. And also where and how and when etc. A manual helps but there be no mention of it (Browser Config Utility) and its uses and wha'fors.

    Maybe I need to learn about this from Motherbore experts like Mr.Bat (bifbat?) who has written all so much about it and how often he writes! Perhaps a book maybe suggested? Like the "dummies"series? I searched but could not find any "Motherbores for dummies" book. Not even in DVD/CD.

    Or it may be a good idea that Motherbore people like Mr. Bifbat who can simply put down all the questions he/she has anwered over the years and publish it exactly in the QA structure (at most add an index/glossary) that is found here? I am sure it shall be a most useful book for people who are not Motherbore experts like me.

    Motherbores are usually very technical so such a book shall suitably enhance your finance and make it well worth the effort you might put in sharing your Motherbore expertise. If not Mr. Bifbat, there might be other Motherbore specialists who, when reading this might be encouraged to try. Thanks for your help already!
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