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I getting a new home built with and I'm getting CAT 6e lines run to most of the rooms in the house. I'll have 7 connections for 7 computers.

I need to know the best way to connect all 7 computers to the internet and still have Gigabit transfer speeds among the network.

I currently use AT&T U-verse and they provide a cable modem/router/wireless router device.

I know I need either a switch or a router and I like it to be 16-ports for future expansion.

Do i need a switch or a router?

If I get a switch, do I need a dhcp server?

My goal is to use an old computer as a file server to house all my music, movies, pictures, etc and be able to pull any file up at any location in the house.

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  1. Being in the UK I dont know about AT&T - if they are a cable connection, you should have a cable into ur house - then into a modem - then into the wirless router they gave you. If they are ADSL it probably comes down the phone line direct into the wireless router they gave you.

    if the wireless router is not already gigabit, best way would be to get a 16 port or more gigabit switch/hub - connect all PCs to this and then it to the router.

    The wirlessrouter you already have should function as a dhcp server in the above situation.
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