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I just installed an Accelero s1 rev2 cooler on my MSI 4870 1gb. Everything seemed to go fine but when i put the card back in and turn the computer on the monitor flashes on then returns to sleep mode. nothing else changed with the computer or monitor. The computer is only a few weeks old. Ive checked that nothing is left unplugged. The monitor is connected, the 6 pin plugs are reconnected to the card. The computer is booting normally, I can hear the windows sound when it loads but the monitor wont get out of sleep mode. I can not figure this one out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well two things.

    1. Did you try moving the connector for the monitor?

    2. Look at the back of the card after boot. There should be some LEDs. Are any of them lit red?
  2. I have tried the monitor on both of the dvi ports with the same result. There aren't any LEDs lighting up on the back of the card. They usually indicate power problems right?
  3. So i think its a problem with the heatsink not contacting the chip correctly. I tried a couple other configurations with the mounting hardware. Now the monitor comes on, shows the first couple boot screens then during the windows starting screen vertical red lines appear all over the logo and then the monitor turns off. I put the stock cooler back on and everything works normally. Has anybody else used this cooler on this card, MSI R4870 T2D1G? If so how did you mount it? The configurations I tied all seemed to fit just fine but apparently I was missing something. Im quite relieved that the card is not fried but I would really like to get the new cooler working.
  4. The new cooler might be shorting out something on the card. Look at the contacts when the new cooler is attached to the card and see how different is it when the stock cooler is on.

    Also, look at the sice of the screws of the new cooler, it might be making contact with the card somewhere.

    Another thing is that the new cooler isn't making contact with the gpu core when it is screwed on.

    My 1.5 cents.
  5. I thought it might be a short but i couldn't find anything that was touching something it shouldn't. I had plastic spacers on both sides of the board. Also i dont think the card would turn on at all if there was a short.

    As far as i can tell it is making contact with the core too. It appears to lay flat on the core and when i pulled the sink off there was a near perfect square of thermal paste on the sink so it clearly made contact.
  6. The only other thing I can think of is to try and put the cooler on another card and see if it works on your computer.
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