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Okay, I've got a HAF 932 case. Biostar TA890FXE mobo, AMD 1090T CPU, and AMD Radeon HD 6950 for the GPU. I built a W.C setup as follows;

- XSPC X20 750 Res/pump (
- EK Supreme HF CPU water block (
- EK Radeon 6970 GPU water block (
- Black Ice X-Flow rad. (
- 3 Cooler master 120mm fans (

At the start of next year I’ll probably be swapping out the mobo for a Crosshair V Formula ( EK is supposedly coming out with a new full cover water block for this mobo eventually, so I’ll probably add that to the loop sometime next year. I’m also thinking of replacing the XSPC 750 with a Koolance RP-402x2 ( and a Swiftech MCP-350 ( Just to make sure everything stays frosty I might add another rad, probably a 240, possibly on a separate loop if necessary, or I just add three more fans to the rad I have for a push-pull setup. The GPU block might get swapped for the newer plexi top nickel one ( I have red coolant in my system, so I’d like to have the plexi component in there where I can get it.

So the basic question here is whether anyone can spot a problem or an area where improvement can be made to the system. Not really worried too much about price. It’ll be a few months before I get buying anything new, so as long as I have an idea about the cost I can budget for it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your URLs are broken; they need and the end tag with a '/url' in it. This will help folks to quickly hit your links.

    Why BIX rad...and why a crossflow rad at that?

    It sounds like you are going to be swapping a lot of components...why 2 pumps? (am I reading that correctly?) You are almost going to be rebuilding a new loop with all those changes. And, not sure why you want a Crosshair and a full cover block. Crosshairs are notorious for overheating, and full cover blocks really kill your flow rates.
  2. Sorry about the URLs. I've gone back and fixed them.

    I went with the black ice rad because at the time it was the best rad I could get for the money (actually got it for a huge deal at around $40). Which rad do you suggest?

    Sorry for the confussion on the components. I'm only planning on one pump. You're right, I will be replacing a lot of parts. But I kind of need to. My original build had the pump/res/rad mounted outside the HAF. I had it all on another spare case i had lying around. I did it that way for a little easier maintenance and a little bit for aesthetics. Unfortunately I only realized recently when trying to migrate everything into the HAF about a month ago that the XSPC was nearly three mm too wide (it's actually bigger than their own specs). Being that i've used it for about eight months now, they're not about to replace it for me, so i figured i'd upgrade to a more powerful pump.

    As for the mobo, it is at the moment only an idea. I'm planning on upgrading to the AMD bulldozer series next year, maybe around summer once i see how they perform and if any kinks are worked out. The Crosshair V has the 990X NB chipset, and in general looks to be a fairly good board. I did mention the full cover block because of the heat issue which comes with any board once you lose the crossflow on the NB and/or Mosfet when the CPU fan is replaced with a water block. I figured I could overcome any flow issues with a strong enough pump, or even a new loop if needed, but I guess you're saying that'd be a bad idea? I'll give it a second thought I suppose.
  3. Right, so given the lack of further response I'm guessing no one's got any recommendations. Thinking on it I'm only replacing the two parts (pump and res), which seems like a lot because of the price attached. But really I haven't thought about changing the rad or blocks unless someone came up with a cleraly better option. my GPU doesn't get much higher than 50 celsuius when i game, and floats near 40 while doing regular work. My CPU sticks around 25 most of the time, getting near 40 again when under load. This is, mind you, while sitting in a room that is near 32 celsius anyway.

    I'll be buying the Koolance res and Swiftech pump sometime this week to deal with the aforementioned issues of fitting into my case. The rad and fans seem to be working fine for me, so I'll stick with them until I switch to the new mobo next year to see how they perform there. And that's that I guess.
  4. Those temps you have listed are pretty good, but that seems odd with that single BIX X-flow rad...

    Either way, not to bad at all. I usually recommend more radiator than that for a CPU+GPU loop (especially using a x-flow and not dual pass rad), but as long as you are happy, good.
  5. Your room is ambient at 90 degrees farenheit, and you are 7 degrees below ambient on your CPU?

    I think maybe you meant 22C ambient?

    Great temps on the CPU though.
  6. ^Nice catch...I didn't stop and do the math on that one... :)
  7. I was using CPUID Hardware Monitor's per-core temps instead of the top number uder the mobo heading. My assumption was that the core temps would be the more critical number to look at.
    Right now my room's at 86 farenheit.
    The temps read as follows [celsius(farenheit)];

    THRM: 32(89)
    CPU: 31(87)
    Mainboard: 66(150)
    TMPIN2: 37(98)

    Core 0: 22(71)
    Core 1: 22(71)
    Core 2: 22(71)
    Core 3: 22(71)
    Core 4: 22(70)
    Core 5: 22(71)

    HDD: 34(93)

    GPU: 39(101)

    These temps follow about two hours of normal use (watching a couple short vids, some internet surfing, and a little typing for some personal work).
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