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There is whole pack of people putting their name on AMD's ATI RADEON HD4890 Graphic Cards like MSI, VISIONTEK, DIAMOND, BIOSTAR, Sapphire, XFX, HIS etc. Who has the best bang for the buck? How about the included software and hardware, cables, dongles, and other items???
They tend to cluster in a $25-$60 difference range in base price for same card memory & GPU. Don't want a brand with troubles. Got enough just building my newest monster, eating all my spare money.

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  1. Unless you need some extravagent cooler why not just get a cheaper model?

    OTher than that I tend to prefer XFX parts thanks to the double lifetime warranty, easy of modding and great customer service.
  2. +1 XFX, I like Sapphire too, good coolers for good prices, haven't let me down yet.
  3. Sapphire is my favorite for Radeon cards
  4. Thanks to everyone who responded to my post!
    Hadn't thought of customer service quality or cooling system size & noise. Good call.
    I was told that what is bundled w card counts a lot if you are a gamer. Or are these bundled games crippled?

    But I wonder how long a double LIFETIME Warranty covers???


  5. Definately Sapphire & XFX.

    Go for the 1gz versions :)

    However if you can wait a little longer there will be 5870 out which most probably
    %60-80 faster then 4890 and it will come with DX11 support!
  6. As far as the 5870 card info is NOT available yet. All info on the newest GPU chip is the RV 870. Only 2009 posts are readily available, anything latest hasn't been ready. Where in pricing tier does this video card fall? Nothing on eBay yet.
  7. Just wait a bit since dx11 is right around the corner.
    If your a heavy gamer and push your hardware i would recommend spending more money on a gpu brand. Not because of the bundled items included but the warranty itself. As a gamer im advising you if you plan to overclock and push. Get a reliable brand. I personally like xfx. =]
  8. And also the XFX warranty covers overclocking aswell so you should definitely go for XFX if you intend to overclock.
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