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Hey guys

I'm in the market for a new computer. I am thinking of getting an i7 as they are awsome :D, but i dont know if i should go for the 920 now, or wait for the 870, or 860, or the i5's to come out. - Please respond to this as this decides weather i got 920 or not.

I have never built a system before and i will get MSY to do it for me (i live in Australia, they are an Australian company, etc.) I have a budget of $2000 Australian Dollars which is around 1600 US.

So far this is the system im looking at. (all prices are from MSY and are in AUD. The prices have probably changed a little as they are updated daily.) The $2000 has to include a monitor aswell. I already have a keyboard and mouse, headset, etc.

Core i7 920 - $390
Gigabyte EX58-UD4P - $321
WD SATA 1TB - $118
WD SATA 160GB - $55
869MB GTX 260 Gigabyte - $253
6G Kit(3x2G)DDR3 1600 G.Skill-NQ - $139
Seasonic M12 700W - $189
Coolermaster CM 690 (RC 690) - $146
OEM Microsoft 64 Vista Home Basic - $145
SATA Samsung DVDRW Drive - $49

With Screen
22” 5ms WS Asus VW223B EZlink USB Link - $221

I would like feedback on the build :D as it would help me make up my mind.
Also whats a better gfx card? 4870, 4890 or the GTX 260? (also does brand matter?)
The case has 3 fans, ill be gettin a Noctua 120mm fan (not in the list above) for better cooling and airflow.

I was originally gonna wait for Windows 7, but as the i5's and new i7's are comming out in septermber, i dunno if i can wait because of whats happening to the 920.

Thanks alot guys, im looking forward to ure feedback (dont have to many technical terms as im fairly new to custom pc's XD)

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  1. 4890 is the best of the three cards you listed.

    What is the WD 160 SATA HDD for? I would recommend two WD 640GB Black HDD's over both those HDD's... IMO The rest of your build looks good.
  2. agreed with tecmo34, the 4890 is by far the best of these cards, than the 260 closely followed by the 4870 in most games, but those two are interchangeable at times

    yeah it looks like a very solid build

    if ur gonna be gaming on that monitor at 1600*900 or more id say the 4890 is worth it for that cuz u get a good perormance increase, but if ur not planning on playing crysis than the 4870 is the best value, especially since that board doesnt support sli. and since it does support crossfire with 2 cards, again the 4890 wins as two of them can sometimes beat even 3 4870s. hope this helps!
  3. Thanks alot for your posts.
    On the Gigabyte website it does say that the mobo is 3xSLI or crossfire compatable.
    I will go for the 4890, but does brand matter? Ill most likely go for the HIS-OC, as it is one of the cheaper ones.

    Also the 160GB HD is for the OS, smallest i can get. Pretty sure they're both WD Caviar black HDD's. (not sure as MSY doesnt say the specifics).

    Some1 plz say weather to go i7 or i5!! XD!! XD
  4. I would get the XFX brand since they have a double life time warranty. I would say they are the standard WD hard drives, since the Blacks on come in 500 or higher.

    Get the i7!!!! It will provide a much better upgrade path with the new Core i7 hex & oct cores coming out over the next year or so. Those will only only be coming out on the 1366 socket.
  5. tecmo34, apparently the HIS-OC 4890 is the best, looking at reviews and stuff,
    Also in get the i7, you mean the 920? XD
    Thanks again

  6. XD i mean the 4890 HIS OC in speed and fps, etc. Not sure about warranty, and are these cards likely to break down?
  7. Yes... i7 = Core i7 920.

    XFX is the better brand. HIS only offers a two year warranty, after two years and it goes bad... No RMA. The XFX is double lifetime... Meaning if it ever goes bad for you or another person you sold it it... the card will be replaced with an equal card currenty out. Clock speeds, I'll go with wha you said (didn't check the speeds :D)
  8. XD i looked at the XFX double life time warranty. Its only availble in america/canda. Not in Australia which is where i live. darn..

    Would it still have a lifetime warranty? and it comes bundeled with HAWX in america, so would it in Australia?

    Also would i be better to have 2x640 HDD WD (wont run in raid 0. i dont know how and apparently its not that stable?? true??) or the 160, 1tb HDD WD. (160gb for the OS so if the *** hits the fan i can just take that out, and easy for reformatting.)
  9. XFX will have the lifetime still.

    I would recommend a WD 640GB Black for your OS due to it's speed over the 160. Once you install the OS, just setup a partition on the drive to have the OS size 160 and the other one 480. This will allow you to do the same thing on reinstalling the OS if things go bad. If you need more storage, add another one or the 1TB Black
  10. Cool, thanks alot, Will do :D
    I'm going to MSY tomorrow to see what they think. Im also going to be buying a 22" screen as my 19" LCD died the other day. had it for 3 years.
    Anyone got recommendations for brands in LCD's at the 22" mark?

    lol :P if you wanna know what im running at the moment its a stock HP computer XD (didnt know bout custom building b4 that)
    It is 2.8ghz Intel ViiV, 1gb Ram DDR2, Geforce 7500LE, 300w PSU, it only has 2 fans rofl fail. yea. u get the point i need an upgrade :D
  11. Hey guys
    If i do get 2 hardrives, 640x2, ill have the OS in a partitioned drive on one of them. Do i also need to install my games on the same drive (not in the partitioned section) for them to work? and the other HDD for movies and music, stuff like that?

    Or should i just go for a 1tb HDD?
  12. You could just add some ram and upgrade the video card and psu and have a comparable gaming machine. As for the monitor, I don't know what the prices are in Australia, but usually a 21" or 23" 1080p monitor is pretty cheap.
  13. I was just thinking how many gb's i use (for HDDs). Atm i have a 160gb and i have everything on there. I could probably escape with buying one 640gb HDD and upgrading in the future when i need more space. This allows me to invest my money into a better screen :D
  14. Ah with the Mobo, as im not going with the Gigabyte GTX260, should i still stick with the EX58 UD4P mobo? or go with the Asus P6t. (in Aus they are the same price). The GFX card i will use now is the XFX 4890.

    Please give reasons to support which motherboard you prefer/ think is better. I will also be trying some OC'ing, but i have never done it before :D
  15. I know heaps of people who love the cm 690. (i like it aswell :D)
    reason why the p6t?
    and why the sapphire 4890? the XFX comes with lifetime warranty (double in america) and HAWX.
    Will do with the OC'ing

  16. cool. Thanks alot for your reply :D but also i cant get the sapphire from msy.. XD
  17. Yea, i have decided to go with the Asus P6t :D reading the reviews and stuff.
  18. dont know where you are planning on getting that motherboard from, but your overpaying by about 75 dollars, great mobo tho, i have it, and LOVE it

    you should be able to get it for 239.99

    same with the graphics card, i got the evga gtx 275 for like 239 bucks
  19. Lol :P if u read the top, I'm from Australia, = AUS prices :P:P:P:P
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