Random USB Ports Failing Upon Adding Devices

Hey guys. I've been having a slight problem for a while that I NEED resolved because it's killing me.

I have the ASUS P5Q Premium MOBO with an 800watt PSU, running C2Q 9550, 8GB of RAM, 4 SATA HDD's (300GB @ 10k, 160GB @ 7200, and 2 x 250GB @ 7200), a GTX 285, and an E-MU 1820 Sound Card.

At all times I have 2 external WD HDD's attached (500GB & 1TB), my Wacom Tablet, My Logitech (non-gaming) mouse, and my Microsoft Keyboard. That's 5 USB 2.0 devices.

Now my problem comes whenever I plug in another device. Flash drives plug in just fine, but if I...let's say...decide to plug in my Palm Pre to do some file swapping I'll hear that "Device Unplugged" sound that Windows makes. When I then check My Computer I can see that my externals are no longer on the the list of drives and were, essentially, unplugged.

Now I know that I have enough power from that PSU to run everything on this board, and then some. And I DOUBT they would make a board with this many USB ports...and me not be able to use more than 5.

So what am I doing wrong? And how can I fix this?
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  1. Have you updated your BIOS? I had almost the exact same problem with the P55 chipset in an ASUS that drove me nuts with an IPOD. Once I updated the BIOS, it worked fine. There was something about the P55 chipset where it was funky with some USB devices. It looks like you have a much older set-up, so maybe not, but it is a place to start.
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