Best way to cool a small case with small fans and limited space

I am purchasing a new case. It is a linkworld 431-06 (google it to see a picture). It is a total knock off of a mac desktop, which is why i thought it was funny. The case has one 80mm fan as an exhaust in the back. The cpu cooler I will be using is a zalman cnps 9500, which is a tower fan designed to blow out the back of the case towards the exhaust. I plan to heavily modify this case to get the best cooling possible. My first question is: If there is already one fan in the back, what is wrong with the idea of turning that fan around so that it is an intake from the back and then mounting my cpu cooler in the opposite direction? Instead of the cpu cooler blowing out the back of the case it is now sucking from the back.

After I decide about the first question I want to add some fans to the case. I have a 120mm drill and an 80mm drill. Where, if any, should I put these holes to mount additional fans. Thank you in advanced for you input.
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  1. you want rear exhaust, and you want your cpu cooler facing that exahust fan. i have a small case for my 2nd rig. it has an E8400 cpu cooled with a CM hyper 101. i have 1 92mm fan as intake, and one 92 mm fan as exhaust.

    its tight, and its warm, but its not hot, or unacceptable.
  2. I'd install the 120mm fan on the side using your drill and have it as an air intake, and the 80mm fan installed in the top as an exhaust. As others have said you need as much exhaust as intake so don't reverse the fans unless you want to cook your system
  3. i would actually switch the fans from the layout above.. id have the 120mm as exhaust, it will pull air from gaps and space to make up for the 80mm intake.

  4. What is wrong with this? its a tower cooler so it can be mounted facing in the opposit direction.
  5. i know why you'd think your flow would work, but it wont. i am sure if you take off your front panel, there will be area to mount a fan there.. id be shocked if there wasnt. that fan is for intake, blows cool air from the front of machine over your HDD.
    your rear and top fans, are for exhaust. the rear fan is also meant to be a straight shot out for the hot cpu cooler air. this is also the norm as 99% of all coolers line up with the rear exhaust on 99% of cases. this again isnt preference. its what works, and has been proven to work.
    this really isnt just opinion, or what folks prefer. ALL case manufacturers pretty much do it that way. no ones case comes with intake rears.

    i like rear and top exhaust as there is nothing behind my machine, and i use one of my dual 120mm top exhaust fans to cool down my modem/router. i have two side vents, and my front that are for intake.

    its your case, you can do whatever you want, but i think you will find yourself with higher than ideal temps at pretty much all times.
  6. I have a small MicroATX case and have only one 80mm fan fitted on the rear which takes cool air in because the screws were short to fit the fan in the reverse position. (exhaust)
    The CPU temp goes upto 70C while gaming. I gotta fit a side panel 80mm fan too.
  7. do you have an odd fan? most fans just require being flipped to reverse flow. they sort of mirror each other. id almost like to see a pic of it.
    70C is high. reaching dang near the max recommendations of manufacturers. if you cant switch your fan , id almost be half tempted to cut the wires and reconnect so it spins other direction.
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