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I have a SY-PCX40009 card with 4 x 1.81TB drives attached and I want to set up 4 x 1.8TB RAID5 Groups on an XP system. I need 1.8TB groups because XP does not see 2TB Groups.

How can I do this?

In the SATARAID5 Array Manager Capacity field I have tried to enter 1.8 TB but it wont accept the . (period). I have tried to enter 1800 GB but it wont accept more than 3 digits before the GB.

I have tried creating two HALF sized Groups, deleting the first Group, and the creating a HALF sized group there, but the Manager will not allow me to create Groups in the now "Available" space before the second Group.

How can I overcome these seemingly arbitrary UI limitations?

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    You CAN NOT use a whole volume greater than 2.0TB in XP... What ever remain of after 1st partition is not use-able.

    This is a limitation of XP, there is no way around it

    You must use any Windows OS that support GPT partition to use a volume greater 2TB

    Hope this help
  2. Is there a way there I can create 4 individual 1.8Tb raid 5?
  3. You can not with Windows XP, due to 32bit OS

    But with XP-64, 2K, Vista, 2K3, Win7, 2008 - Yes you can
  4. alright thank you for your help.
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