Problem with connecting Acer Aspire to TV with HDMI


I have a problem connecting my Acer Aspire 7535G to my TV Sony 40W4000 with HDMI.
I have Windows 7 running on my laptop and i have installed Ati Catalyst 9.7.

For some reason when i'm trying to switch/detect displays from Ati Catalyst options -> it wont find the TV at all :(
(I have tried with 2 different HDMI cables also)

Would someone have any ideas?

Thank you before hand :)

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  1. And in addition i have understood that this computer has two graphic built in Mobility Radeon HD 3200 and a separate HD 4570...

    If that helps ? =)
  2. im having the same problem too .. *** sucks
  3. I had same basic problem using graphics card software on 2 different computers ATI and Intel. My fix was manual setting the windows 7 display and sound. Default the external display and enable sound. If operating system doesn't recognize the display the catylist sure won't.
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