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I have a frined that wants to upgrade his CPU it's 7 years old hes running on windows xp pro. he has Compaq Evo N800c 1.4GHZ but he cant play few games b.c of the low GHZ so i told him il fine out for him. i did some searching on HP i only came up with.

Intel Mobile Pentium 4-M processor - 2.20GHz (Northwood, 400MHz front side bus, 512KB Level-2 cache, FC-PGA2, 478-pin)

here is a few links about his laptop

but im not sure if he can go pass 2.2GHZ im only going by what the hp link tells me. but if he can go higher please let me know.

Thanks in advance on any info you give me

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  1. the first link didn't work but going from 1.7 to 2.2 is a bug jump, he will notice a good jump in games
  2. i thought it iwas 1.7 but it is 1.4 so ur friend will see a very big difference in games, very big

    anyway i found this

    it says it can go upto 2.4 which is a whole ghz
  3. it says ur laptop can support upto 1 gig of RAM, is that maxed out?
  4. A laptop that old really has no chance of playing modern games due to gpu, memory bandwith, and processor speed. The cost of the cpu plus the time and labor to install it, plus a memory upgrade in my opinion isnt justified.
  5. yea he has 2x 512MB in the laptop now. he wants to upgrade his CPU.
  6. only games he wants to play is online games. and there is this game where he needs more GHz. he dont play like fear cod 4 or any of them cd games. just online games like Cronous, Shoonline epicwarror etc
  7. the Game he wanted to play wanted 1.8GHz and he only have 1.4Ghz
  8. ok the 2.4 GHz where can i fine that out. the other website says it's used so i try on tigerdirect where i got my pc items and they dont have it.
  9. yea it is an old proc, u might find some on newegg and definately ebay
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