Asus amd gaming mobo

Which asus mobo is a good choice for amd build?
M4a785td v evo

if i m adding a hd5770
and hw much is the price diff in india
other recomends are welcome but better if it is asus
i think the igp in m4a785td is a waste of money if a gpu is to be added and 790x chipset will do better
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  1. I would say the ASUS M4A79XTD EVO is the better motherboard.
  2. I m also thinkn the same as 790x would do beter
    and what it no gpu is to be added
    would m4a785td be beter for mid level games
  3. I am not sure exactly what you are asking.

    With the same GPU, CPU and same amount of RAM, both platforms will preform virtually identical.
    The 790x based motherboard has no IGP and will require a dedicated GPU.
    While the 785G based motherboard does have an IGP, it is not really fast enough to game on.
  4. I m ok with that but hw much price diff is their in ur place
  5. ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO

    About a $30 USD difference in price.
  6. Thanx man
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