Parity check error

My system crashes with the folloing error message
*** Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware vendor for support
NMI: Parity Check/Memory Parity Error
*** The system has halted ***

when ever i do voice chat (even sometimes when i play songs).Not only that even when i pluc speaker jack in the port i get the same error.
i use intex sound card (pci).I googled for the answer but i couldn't found out the exaxt answer.I thought the prob might be with memory & checked with the ram & graphic card ;those are ok.

Please help me in this regard.
My pc configuration is as follows
intel xeon processor (x3330)
intel mother board S3200SH
segate sata hdd
ausis pci-x 1gb graphic card
4 gb ddr2 ram (non buffered)
intex sound card
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  1. Hi sorry its not amp its graphic card.

    Please help mein this regard. thanks in advance.
  2. sounds to me like you have a memory stick going bad....
    Try run memtest86+ and see if you get a memory error....JQ
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