Is this power supply good for my system?

hey everyone, i cant afford a really high priced psu, i just need a yes or no, is this psu gunna be enough for my system? oryxx ultra 750, it has enough amperage on the 12 volt i checked all that, i just need to know what you guys think in regards to should i get it or not, as i think mine is literally about to die
phenom 720
ati xfx 4890
2x sata 2 hard drives
2 case fans 80mm
2 x 120 mm case fans
pci blower foxx 1
2x dvd rw
front panel temp scanner
that should about do it
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  1. The general rule of thumb is a high quality 500 to 550 watt power supply with sufficient current (amps) on the 12 volt rail(s) can easily power a system with any single video card made. A high quality 700 to 750 watt power supply with sufficient current (amps) on the 12 volt rail(s) can power a system with two video cards operating in dual mode. There are a few exceptions like the new ATI Radeon HD 5XXX series cards which use less power due to their energy efficiency.

    If you are only going to use one video card, then a 750 watt power supply is more than you need. I could not find any technical reviews. Oryxx psu's do not appear to be available in the USA.
  2. well i have an antec 550 in there at the minute, and i think that its the problem, basically im getting random crashes, not just crashes but complete unrecoverable system hang, i have ran stress tests on all my components, prime 95, 3d mark on continual loop, memtest, amd overdrive, and they all work fine, but when gaming for long periods of time, sometimes short but mainly after long periods, i get this random crash, it isnt bsod or anything, the psu is about 3 years old, so im thinking it is that, im only using 1 card, but that psu seems really really good for the money, and i would rather have to much power for future proofing purposes.
    thanks for reply dude
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