Gigabyte p55m-ud2 problem with memory

hello i building new pc and guy telling me that my memory is bad(corsair 2x2 dual channel kit 1333mhz) Ive bought it new ,first he said that one module doesnt work,then after 2 days compiuter was rebooting i gave it to the guy who build it and he test and say that my second module bad.Can you check plz if i bought correct memory or maybe he doing something wrong and mobo Tnx in advance.
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  1. I would try checking the ram label and see if your motherboard is running the correct voltage. It should be 1.5 volts. You can also try manually setting the timings to 9-9-9-24. Then if it doesn't pass memtest, send it back. Corsair has a lifetime warranty.
  2. Thank you very much .
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