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my build:
i5 2500k, asus p8p67 m-pro, 8gb 1333MHz DDR3 cl9 g.skill, antec truepower 750w, CM Hyper 212+, CF HD 5770, 64gb crucial SSD sata3, 1tb seagate barracuda sata3 7200rpm 32mb cache, sony optiarc, thermaltake v3 BE, samsung t220h and asus vh242 monitor

Currently win7/boot drive is the ssd (C: /), but its still the default drive to where all programs and games automatically install. How do I change the default drive to the 1tb hd (E: /) w/o having to change over the boot drive? Any guidelines or links to online guides would be helpful thanks.
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  1. You can just change the install directory of the programs you're about to install. For example, instead of C:\Program Files\, you change it to E:\Program Files\. Do the same for the "Program Files (x86)" folder. Most programs allow you to change the install directory by selecting "Custom Installation" or "Advanced Options" in the installer. However, I suggest that you keep stuff like drivers and AV programs in the SSD. There's room for a game or two in that 64GB SSD.
  2. Some games, after expanding the files, would automatically start installing them into the default drive (in this case, the ssd). Crysis2 is already on the ssd (by choice) and mass effect 2 decided to place itself on the ssd without asking for a custom install, at least from what I remember. Now down to 10gb. :( Anything I can do in the bios or in disk management?
  3. Hmm, I'm not sure. Symlinks and stuff come to mind, but I'm not experienced enough to say if it will work.
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    Junctions help me with my 30gb SSD. you can move stuff like google chrome off to another drive.

    ALSO: look up a program called "TreeSize" it visualizes your hard drive after scanning it and its really helpful for me to see where all my SSD space is going. *it organizes folders as a tree duh
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