9800GTX+/8880GTX Tri SLI and PSUs.

I recently got word from XFX that my (apparently "not bad") 8800GTX was just fine with no issues. So, now I can get my SLI system up and running again. When my XFX 8800GTX went out, I started to use my Back up system, which had a PNY 8800GTX Ultra, which died recently too. So, I replaced it with an 9800GTX, figured I could get another if the XFX 8800GTX was bad and run 9800GTXs in SLI. I ramble too much.

Okay, here is the situation, since I have this extra 9800GTX+, I was thinking of Tri-SLI.

My son's PC----
Vista Premium 32 bit
XFX 780i with E8400
4 GB 1066Mhz
1000watt Ultra PSU

Would like to use the 9800GTX that I have for Tri-SLI, does his PSU cut the mustard???

My system----
XP pro/XP Pro 64bit in dual boot
Asus P5NT-WS with E6850 (680i chipset)
XFX 8800GTX in SLI
8GB Corsair
Antec 850 PSU

Can I run Tri-SLI with another 8800GTX?? PSU provide enough power??

Yes, my son has a better system then I do.

Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. You can't do tri Sli on a 680i board but you should have more than enough power to do it on the 780i rig.
  2. Agreed, if you have the right MB your PSU is sufficient.
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