Cheapo web surf and email machine


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Web surfing, email pictures some light business stuff, no games other than solitaire etc

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, OS win7 RC, Optical Drive, Thermal Compound

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Have had good experience with NewEgg, but am open to other sellers





My wife wants a new rig what do you think?

$ 536.00 otd
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  1. You need DDR3 with that board:

    Otherwise I think you are set.
  2. Serious overkill for the intended purposes, but the Wife's worth it, right?

    With Proximon's update, you're all set.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Honestly, a triple-core AMD CPU is WAAAAAY too much power
    for web surfing and light business stuff: I did those tasks
    for several years with a 100 MHz Intel CPU! (MHz, NOT GHz :)

    The Intel Celerons are more than adequate (they are re-branded
    LGA775 Core 2 CPUs) so don't let the "Celeron" name fool you e.g.:

    And, I'm a big fan of ASUS motherboards e.g
    the micro ATX versions with integrated graphics
    will do a great job for you e.g.: P5Q-EM
    (and others like it)

    And, this Corsair XMS2 memory will save you
    a few more bucks, and it's also excellent RAM:

    When prices come down, you'll be able to
    upgrade that P5Q-EM motherboard to 16GB of RAM e.g.:

    The Sony / Optiarc optical drives have had
    serious production problems: I'd recommend
    an LG or Lite-On instead.


  4. p.s. the man is correct: this motherboard requires DDR3 memory:

    Memory Standard DDR3 1600(O.C)/1333

  5. If it fits the budget, why not use the X3? It will just last longer. And, while most people like us don't load down our computers, the vast majority of users out there have about 30 items in the system tray. I'm always cleaning up someone's computer that is taking 15 minutes to boot.
  6. If all this is for is web surfing and email, then this is overkill. You'd be better off getting a cheap netbook for about $200. You can use a bigger external monitor and keyboard if you want. Or you can get a cheap oem tower for about $300 on sale. Anything from Dell, Acer, HP, etc would work.
  7. With the way the net is evolving, There is not such thing as overkill.

    Go try to watch youtube HD (and thats only 1280 x 720) on an old single core Athlon32 3200+ Its "almost" smooth, but not quite.

    So they way things change(There are pages all made in flash now that do not even run good on that A64 3200+), I think the listed system with DDR3 is a very good option that fits the budget.

    To think i used to surf the net on a P133.
  8. Platinum is out of stock what about this memory good timings less voltage
  9. For what you use it for, I'd say get a Laptop with a docking solution for when you use it at your desk.

    If not, then I'd buy a prebuilt system. Win7RC is going to tank eventually which leaves you paying more later or going to a linux distro.

    If you really want to build though and are willing to shop with tiger direct, try something like this:

    E5200 bare bones $230. CPU, Mobo, Case, PSU, Ram, HDD. Just need a fan for the CPU.

    AMD 7550x2 barebones: $200 same parts and needs HSF too.
  10. laptop won't work she is visually impaired diabetes. I am not opposed to shopping other places
  11. One simple solution is Presto. You can send emails & photos to someone who doesn't have a computer with Presto.

    Here's a simple article describing it:

    Worth a look.
  12. A foundation based on 80+ certified PSU even for an el cheapo number cruncher can't go wrong hehe

    Negative on any sort of Netbook - they look cute and portable but once u need an inkling of multi tasking, etc they really show their slack processing power IMO My config is good to go for home/oofice tasks like PPT-PDF conversion, blu ray, light audio/video encoding, etc

    Here we see the Atom crawling when pitted against a socket 478 chip and a socket 754 sempron

    No reason to let the woman in your life suffer like this lol
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