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I was trying to use 8600GT as PhysX engine for ATI 4850. When I first booted XP with 8600 as second card, windows found drivers for it, started checking and then PC suddenly turned off. Later I found, that my 8600 is dead. It might be my fault, because I was using it without heatpipe at that moment, to fit it in MB. Could it be that GPU burned in such a short time? If not, what else might have caused that? It's scary to think, that some day I'll probably use crossfire and something like that might happen again...
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  1. Yes, you need a heatsink and fan to cool a graphics card.
  2. Also you can't mix Nvidia with ATI.
  3. Some cards will beep at you and not post unless the fan is working.
  4. But there are people who use both cards. Nvidia for PhysX, ATI for rendering.
    I know that I atleast need the heatsink, but does the second card realy goes in to burning that fast? It wasn't even used for graphic's...
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