Will these radiators keep my computer cool?

I don't necessarily want the greatest temps or anything, the reason I went to watercooling is for quietness and the awesome looks of custom water builds.
I will be cooling an i5-2500k and GTX 560 Ti (both overclocked (not looking for 5GHz+ but around 4GHz, GPU I would like to get it to its near max). My plan is to put a RS240 and Phobya 200mm radiator inside a Corsair 650D case.

As for fan configuration, I was thinking a push/pull on the phobya 200mm, using NZXT 200mm rifle bearing fans (800rpm, 23dBA, 102CFM). I doubt a push/pull is needed here since the radiator is only 8fpi, but I still want there to be airflow in my case so I thought push/pull would get more air into the case from the front.

With the RS240 (which would mount at the top of the case (inside)) I was thinking x2 Noctua NF-P12's in pull (pulling air from outside into the case thru rad. I could also mount x2 Noctua NF-P12's on top of the case, and x2 under rad so I would have a push/pull config, but again, seeing as it is 13fpi (not very dense), and seeing as I want a quiet pc, I thought the 2 fans in pull might be enough.

So keeping in mind I don't want great temps, and do want quiet, do you think those 2 radiators will do the job? And please give your opinion about the fans;

x1 200mm pull (200mm rad)
x2 200mm push/pull (200mm rad)

x2 120mm pull (240mm rad)
x4 120mm push/pull (240mm rad)

The only other fan I was planning on putting in the case is a 120mm rear exhaust

My only other option (if that's not enough) is to add another 120mm rad, I'm pretty sure I would be able to fit it in
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  1. If you check the reviews on H2O cooling systems you'll find most do not work well under load unless the fan is running at high speed - thus the quiet mode is lost in many cases - which is my pet peeve with these systems. More fans may help but you will likely need to crank them up which defeats the whole idea.
  2. That is generally enough radspace for a GPU and CPU loop.

    Though I would go with a push/pull on both though, just for safety.

    What pump are you running?
  3. Would a EK-DCP 4.0 12V work? I chose it because it has good specs and low noise.
    I did consider the popular Lacing DDC 3.25 but it is $40 more and louder (according to specs)
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    Looks great to me. 800lph is a good solid flowrate and an H-max of 4m is quite good.
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  6. awesome, thanks
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