Gone from 65nm to 45nm...bios update?

I have replaced my e2160 dual core with a E7500 core two duo.....i have the award f4 bios...the new cpu is running fine except for some temp problems (unequal temps in two cores)....do i need to update the bios? will that fix my temp problem? coz if it doesnt, i don wanna spend cash over some bullshit updates again...please help guys.

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  1. Your temps are fine. The unused core will run lower at idle than the one that's active, doing most of the work. Do not flash the bios if your system is running fine. The new bios may be worse than the one you have now.
  2. thanks brother...im a relieved man right now..nd no im not planning any major Overclocking right now because its new don want to take a chance with warranty....

    nd..one thing...just curious...when something goes wrong with the cpu due to OC...how do they actually figure out that this particular cpu was overclocked?!
  3. They don't. And don't tell them. Just continue to use the stock Intel heatsink. You're covered for 3 years. Just keep your receipt in a safe place. I used Intel's warranty once, and they got me a new cpu in about 6 days. But don't assume the cpu is bad. Cpus don't die unless you apply too much voltage. Intel has built in protection that slows down the cpu automatically when it's too hot to prevent damage.
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