Patriot DDR3 1600 running at 1066

I just got a new computer built and i noticed that the ram i bought is running at 533mhz (1066 effective).

The ram is Patriot 2 x 2GB PC3 12800 1600MHZ, PVV34G1600LLK

If anything, i was expecting the memory to at least run at 1333 not 1600. Can i change this by just chaging the DRAM frequency in the bios from auto to 800MHZ or do i need to lock down all the timings and voltages manually first and then change the frequency? Is there an XMP mode i can enable in the BIOS?

Is there any chance that 533MHZ at T1 is more efficient than 800MHZ at T2? I've kind of learned that memory can be somewhat sensitive so i'm being more cautious than normal about making changes.

Help appreciated.

Oh on a side note, i read the forum FAQs in the memory section and noticed that DDR3 wasn't included in the descriptions. May be worth doing some updating.

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  1. From the screen you posted it looks like your best setting would be Dram freg of 800 and then 7-7-7-20 for the timings and raising the voltage to 1.7Volts (your last CPU-Z shot shows the XMP profile for that so it should work !

    With DDR3 depending on the MOBO they will default to 1066 or 1333 since that was the spec for DDR3 so to go any higher you need to do so in BIOS which is why in the MOBO specs you will see ratings like 1600(OC) or 1333(OC) meaning to get that frequency requires Overclocking.
  2. I've gone ahead and locked down the timings manually in the bios, i chose 8-8-8-24-38 @ 2T, changed to 1600 and left the voltage on auto.

    Worked like a charm. Of course it helps to know that any setting i may screw up gets reverted back to last known working values;)
  3. Don;t count on it being @ 1600mhz, amd controllers too weak to handle it
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