Budget computer, Please help

hey all,
I am looking to upgrade my system mobo, processor, and ram.

My current specs are (and excuse me, i built this as my first computer
not computer literate at all :( ) AMD Sempron 3k 1.8GHZ,
Some crappy Chaintech motherboard, 1Gig of ram, 120Gig Western digtal, and my ATI x1950GT 512 MB

Yes, yes, i know it's terrible, but to be completley honest, it runs what i do decent...but i'd love it to be faster.

Right now my current activities include running itunes, limewire, Msn Messenger, Firefox, and World of Warcraft (or something like BF2, steam products etc.) all at the same time, i'm suprised my amd is doing this well.

With 5 programs running and 1 process consuming game running i know it's time to upgrade

So now i would like to recruit you to find the best CPU, Mobo, and Ram for 200$$
Please do your best i really appeciate it
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