New build

current rig is:
asus p5q-e
4 gigs ocz plat
bfg 260 gtx
antec 900 case
19" widescreen
is it worthwhile to upgrade from this now or wait a little longer? and if it worth while waht should i be looking at?

i use the pc for gaming
budget: 2500-3000 cdn
parts: mostly from ncix,, tigerdirect.
im looking at getting a 24" monitor
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  1. That seems to be a pretty solid rig you have right now, is it unable to do what you want it to? if not there is no reason to upgrade. And as you have a decent rig i would say hold off until about october to see how the new tech plays out, its not really worth upgrading now when the new i5's might end up doing quite well but we dont know yet.
  2. You have an excellent rig, if you really need better gaming performance then perhaps running 2 - HD4890s in crossfire would get it for you, I wouldn't change the rest of the system though.
  3. ^+1 hunter315's feedback...

    I agree with waiting for the core i5's and DX11 to be released but at the same time, I would take it a little longer and maybe wait until Dec./Jan. area to see where Intel is with the Hex core on the i7... etc. Your system will last while longer, specially if you make a jump to DX11 cards. The E8600 card is a very good card for gaming.

    I know it is easier said than do but the recommendation is what until Oct. before making a buy... specially with the system you current have.
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