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Hi All
I read Chris Angelini's article re Win7 HTPC with this motherbaord and MS4140 5.1 100W sound card - excellent idea as I'm big one box fan.
Trouble is this mobo is hard to come by, and the 65W phenom 9350e CPU is even harder to source - cant find them in the UK at all.
So, can anyone please advise of alternative low W CPU? Or maybe is there another newer mobo with similar sound capability? Or any high output sound card that will integrate with an alt mobo?
Thanks T
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  1. the reason the Phenom is so rare is because people have thrown it out

    frankly the Phenom sucks, and is not worth any money

    the new Phenom II are great performers and very reliable

    this is good for 90 USD

    it has similar if not better sound in it
    for more info look at the link below, that is the audio chipset in the mobo

    for a CPU go with an Athlon II x4 Propus core for 99 USD

    it is a quad core and is better for an HTPC than a Phenom II, the Phenom II would be overkill for the HTPC
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