Does my motherboard support quad core

-I have a Pentium 4 processor and I want to know if I can upgrade to a Core 2 Quad processor. My motherboard is about 4 years old and at that time quad core was not created. Also I use SDRAM and have a GeForce 6200 video card, can i use it if upgrade to quad core is possible?
-Recently, my computer freezes after about 30 mins and if I play a game like fifa 10, it lasts only 10 mins. My power supply fan has stopped working, is this problem due to heating of the PC as when I restart, it freezes instanlty sometimes before loading windows. I have to wait about 20 mins for it to cool and then can work again?
What is the problem?
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  1. Can you tell us what motherboard you have ? if not then download

    CPUZ and it will tell you what CPU / Memory / Motherboard you have. then we can advise you on your best course of action
  2. you definitely need to replace your power supply if the fan stops spinning.
  3. My motherboard manufacturer is unknown and its model is P4M800CE-8237. i use DDR memory with DRAM frequency 199.5 Mhz. My processor is Intel Celeron 336 and its packet is Socket 775 LGA, technology: 90 nm, core voltage: 1.408 V, specifications:Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU 2.80 Ghz, core speed 2800 Mhz, Bus speed 133 Mhz and rated FSB: 532 Mhz

    I have to buy a new DVD Drive and power supply. My hard disk is making strange noises and when files are searched or accessed, it makes noises as if it is forcing itself and I,ve read that this happen when it is about to get damaged. So I will possible have to change that too.
    What is better an internal or external?
    I will wait for some time before buying another processor if possible but will do it only if i can keep some of my parts that I ma currently using.
  4. Well it is definitely time for a new system. If budget is a problem, as bad as i hate to say this, just buy a cheap dell. It will be leaps and bounds better than your current rig.
  5. Can you suggest me a gaming PC specs? I want to keep my GeForce graphics card and any other parts to reduce the budget. I want a system capable of lasting for about 4-5 years and one can can be upgraded no like my current Pc with 2 slots RAM.

    Would I be able to keep my IDE hard drive or is it outdated as newer mothernoard support SATA only as I wanted to buy a DVD drive but could not as IDE is no longer available.
    I would wisely invest in a quad core as it is Intel's latest processor which is less likely to get outdated. What do you suggest m?
  6. for gaming, if you go for a powerful quad core processor then you will also need to upgrade that out-dated geforce 6200 video card (unless you plan to game at something like 800 x 600 resolution).
  7. Why, the GeForce is not compatible with the Core 2 Quad? Is core 2 duo good enough for gaming and will it last for a long time or it will get outdated pretty soon?
  8. Also what RAM does core 2 duo and core 2 quad use? Is it the cheapest as DDR RAM used for my pentium 4- 512 MB was quite expensive approx. US$ 65
  9. if you are going budget and want to build it yourself here is a good AMD combo for $200 with a really good IGP.
  10. But a core 2 quad is not approx. the same price? Is AMD better than Intel? And my motherboard is old and does not support a dual core or quad core, so I have to buy a new one. Can I have a motherboard that support Intel Celeron and the Cores so that I do not have to change directly to a dual or quad core and continue to use my Celeron for some time.
    And if I change motherboard, would I not be able to use my GeForce 6200 when using a P4 or core?
  11. Using a motherboard that support DDR3 would save on RAM sticks? I think it is wiser to invest in DDR3 as DDR2 would become rarer and if upgrade is needed, it will be easier to find DDR3
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