Overclocking i7 2600k on msi

hi i have msi P67A-GD55, i7 2600K 3.4, msi R 6950 twin frozr II OC , 8 giga RAM 1333, power cosaire CX 600 W, pleas tell me how overclocking mu CPU and my graphiq card thanks
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  1. If you click the back button and go to the CPU forum there's a little guide sticky'd to the top. It's like the second thread. It helped me figure out how to overclock my 2500k.

    The guy who made it also has an MSI board. I don't know if you have the same BIOS but it should be a very good reference point.

    EDIT: I don't know much about OC'ing graphics cards but from what I understand it's MUCH more difficult than CPU and you're better off using software unless you really know what you're doing
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