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I have a Shuttle based machine I lend out to people when I am repairing their machines. The mb is an AK31 v3.1. While a bit old it still works fine for what it is intended however, the last person to use it apparently got into the bios and passworded it... Also missing is the disk I kept inside the machine with the drivers and (PDF) user manual. I don't recall which jumper I need to pull to reset the bios and if someone has a copy of the manual I would sure appreciate a copy. Thanks.
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  1. found manuals at Shuttle's European site at the following addresses:

    There was not a listing for version 3 boards though.

    It should be a simple matter of removing the power cord and CMOS battery for a few minutes and reinstalling the battery if it is like the older version I have.

    Drivers can probably be found here:
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