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Hi every one ive been wondering this for a while whats the difference in a micro ATX to the normal ATX boards( other than size)?? if im building a gaming machine whould i go whit micro or normal ATX ( what causes the price drop from normal to micro)?? and when going to micro do i loose any perfomance??
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  1. with Micro ATX you get less outputs because you have only one PCI-E slot and 2 other PCI slots

    you get less space on the mobo as well

    if you plan on doing serious gaming you want an ATX mobo so that you can run SLI or CF

    however, if you do normal gaming then any micro ATX moard is fine

    they aren't faster than each other or anything like that
  2. Few micro atx boards have room for sli or crossfire (dual video cards). If you plan on using just one video card, then select the board with just the features you use. Micro atx also has fewer pci slots, but I rarely use them anymore.
  3. ok thank you
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