OC a netbook?

have you ever overclocked a netbook? I have an Asus EeePC 1005hab and I want to get it up to maybe 1.9 or a little higher. What would be the best way to go around doing that? Also, could I replace the n270 atom cpu with the newer atoms?
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  1. AFAIK, the Atom CPU is soldered to the board (at least on desktop), so no. OC'ing a netbook can only be done through changing the FSB (Atoms aren't unlocked, lol) and therefore is not advised. Also, their cooling is a major fail and all that makes OCing a netbook a bad choice.
  2. Well, since posting, I have oc it to 1.91 and my temps are at 50C. Is that as good as it's gonna get? I'm thinking of getting a good notebook cooler, to keep the temps even lower.
  3. 50C looks pretty well... Maybe I'm just in the old netbook game too much. My Celeron netbook idles @50C and normally can go as high as 60-70 on load. Not that it can handle much load, anyway.

    Though, getting a cooler pad kind of kills the idea of a netbook (highly portable laptop). However, you can set it up at the place you will be using it the most, just like I set the cooling pad for my netbook at work.
  4. Well, the only reason I got the netbook was to have something until I built my desktop. Now that I am not finishing the build due to getting mugged, I gotta make the best with what I got.
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