What is display memory?

what is a display memory?

i have installed the Cricket 2009 and it was all working , then a box came up

about somting derectX 9.0c, which i installed but now it says i have no

display memory???

i went onto the help and it did a system overveiw and everything (inc

directX) was good except the dispay memory , i need 32.0 but i have 0.0,

please help me!!!!!

Email Me At :- rishabh_singh100@yahoo.co.in

please help me, i want to play this game.

in reply, i can give u any game, any software.

But Please HELP!!!!!
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Firstly, please edit out your e-mail address before the Spamming idiots sell it to the other crooks and you start having bigger problems.

    Display memory is memory (RAM) dedicated to the graphics adapter and some graphics cards come with their own memory while others borrow from the main system RAM. You must have some even if you're using onboard graphics so restart the computer and tap whichever key the screen tells you as it starts up to go into BIOS or Setup. Once there, look for a setting where you can vary the amount of memory (RAM) you "lend" to graphics. If yours is set on zero, step it up to 32 then hit Function 10 and Y to save and exit.

    If you post back, please give some details of the computer - make and modekl,etc.

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