Using 2 WD Black Cavair 640 6.0 in RAID 0.

My question is when I install these two drives in raid 0 for my main data a program drive as I will have a Crucial C300 for OS and a couple games, How would I go about getting all the data off my 2 Tb Toshibia SATA III and another slower 5400 WD Green 500Mb into the RAID drives? Then I will use the Toshibia as strictly a backup drive. The RAID drives are black Caviar WD 649Gb SATA III 6.0. I am wanting everything 6.0. I am sure a lot of you have hit this hurdle.

I am looking for pure speed. Thanks in advance, Jon
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  1. Getting the data off the drive to the new array is easy: copy it.

    If you have programs that are installed to the non-OS drive, you may have to uninstall them and re-install them.
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