Very Slow Performance on Intel i5 750 + 4GB DDR3 RAM + ASUS P7P55D LX + Win7 x32

I recently bought a new custom PC with this spec:

-Intel Core i5 750 (CPU)
-2x2GB Kingston DDR3 1333 (RAM)
-XFX GeForce FX9600GT - 512Mb DDR3 (VGA)
-1TB Western Digital (Hard Disk)

and i did a clean install of Windows 7 Professional (32bit) but the performance of the system is horribly slow. i have checked for viruses for 2 times using bitdefender total security and i haven't installed much software yet. The performance is so horrible when i am typing this question the letters appear 1 or 2 seconds after i finish typing them can somebody help please..

btw when i checked the task manager seemed that 1.2 GB of the memory is constantly being used eventhough the only running programs were yahoo messenger and winamp
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  1. Alot of virus protection software slows the system down. Uninstall that bitdefender and try microsoft's malware software, which was a free download last time I checked. It has detected trojans several times while I'm online, and removed them without having to reboot the system. And it won't slow your system down.
  2. I had these symptoms before. Uninstalling, reinstalling the graphic card drivers solved the issue for me.
  3. Anti-virus software is notorious for dragging down a system. In Windows 7 you can see what is taking up your memory. Open Task Manager, go to the Performance tab. Click on the Resource Monitor button. In the window that opens, go to the Memory tab. Now sort by Working Set.
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    It s due to the motherboard. I suppose this is a malfunction, but did you also try to replace your memory or check all the system with a software. Do you have the software to know your computer condition, maybe one provided with your mother board.
    Excuse me if i don't speak english well.
  5. Thank Keron, I can manager the service by myself now, thank you!
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