How to connect HDD to laptop MoBo?

I bought a SSD to stick in my old Dell Studio Laptop and I just cracked the back cover off.

Good news: There is an empty HDD slot for me to stick the new hard drive.
Bad news: I don't see how to connect the hard drive to the motherboard.

I've built a tower computer before and the install of everything was really easy (For HDD you just connect the SATA cable and power cable). I expected to be able to just slide the HDD into my Laptop, but that is not the case. What do I need to get this to work. Is there some sort of adapter?

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    Some laptops do have adapters between the drive and the interface. Your old drive will have it on, just take it off that.
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  3. Yeah, this works. I decided I'd rather not have 2 HDDs. Save that small amount of battery resource that the oringal spinning disk used.
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