Is 275W PSU enough for ATI HD 4650 DDR2 Low Pro?

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this query, but if mistaken, please mods - move this to the right thread.

I am planning to buy a better low profile video card from newegg but I'm not sure if my existing PSU can hold it. I think it will but, please let me know if it is suicide.

I currently have a 275W PSU that came with the APEX DM-387 case. I think it is just a generic FLEX PSU and I have a hard time finding a better replacement for it because of the design. I have no choice but to stick with it for now. I found one but it was mega expensive and it's on Ebay - so I'll pass for the PSU upgrade for now.

I currently have a 7300LE 64mb PCIe video card and its dying on me (bloated capacitor). I need to replace it with a better one.

I'm not going to play games or something video extensive, I just want a better one if I'll need it in the future. The most powerful low profile card I found is this one, the ATI 4650. Nvidia low pros are expensive and power hungrier.

Do you think my PSU can handle the 4650 DDR2 1GB video card?

I have KillAwatt and right now my system draws, 80Watts when Idle, 105Watts when Full - with the 7300LE inside.

Full Specs:

E5200 @ Stock Speed
G31m-ES2L F10 Beta Bios
1 x 7300LE 64mb generic card
2 x 2GB Crucial 800Mhz DDr2 Cas5
1 x 250GB 7200.10 Seagate Barracuda
1 x 250GB 7200.10 Seagate Barracude - External via HDD Dock Esata (has its own power)
1 x Realtek PCI network card (not the built in)
1 x Broadcom 4318 Wireless PCI (Asus WL-138G V2)
1 x DVDRW Drive
1 x Apache Universal CPU Cooler running @ 1700rpm when Idle
1 x 90mm fan Silent
1 x USB Wireless Keyboard and Mouse MK300
1 x HP2009m 20 inch LCD monitor
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  1. The HD 4650 wont require much power than the 7300LE...that 275W should do...
    Well that 275W PSU seems to have a lot of issues...I wouldnt suggest getting a component that would stress it much...
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