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Would it be worth it for me to get the OCZ Black AMD Edition in a combo deal for about 70-75 dollars if I'm planning on using it with a motherboard like the Gigabyte ga-ma770t-ud3p or the Asus m4a77td pro?

They both have the 770 chipset and the Memory clearly states that the overdrive features work with the 790GX and 790FX, with these being in the family - can I still take advantage of whatever makes this ram special? Thanks for any help!
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  1. The ram may default to 1066, but you should be able to set it manually with a phenom II; not sure about lesser am3 cpus.
  2. So despite the fact their site says

    "OCZ’s AMD Black Edition is tested and qualified specifically for AMD’s latest “Black Edition” CPUs for ultimate performance and stability. Featuring the unique AMD “OverDrive™” (AOD) specification, users can unleash the remote stored profiles directly from AMD when used with supporting 790FX / 790GX motherboards, giving users a performance edge with instant “plug and play” functionality."

    my 770 should be similar?
  3. The best chipsets for ddr2 and amd use the 710 or 750 southbridge, which is listed in your board specs. If your board has one of these chipsets, then you may be able to unlock one of the disabled cores or overclock the cpu easier. Memory is memory; if your board has the capability of running your ram, the ram brand won't make much difference. Just check the ram specs with your board specs. You may have to manually adjust the ram voltage and timings to get the best performance out of your ram. You can check your ram options in the bios.
  4. Well I was interested in putting this DDR3 (OCZ Black AMD Edition) with a Phenom ii x4 955 and one of those 2 motherboards... My primary concern was that it says in the OCZ Black AMD Edition specs that it is made for the 790GX or the 790FX, but I know how similar the 770 is to those two boards. Sorry for the repetitive nature of my questions, but I have no idea what this "overdrive" capability is in this ram, and that is primarily what I'm confused about! Thanks again for your help.
  5. Overdrive refers to AMDs software overclocking utility. It will function with an AMD CPU and motherboard. It also prefers you have an AMD GPU of course :p. Anyway, I prefer to set things manually in the BIOS. I would rather go with this RAM by Mushkin

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