Restore toshiba satellite PSAA5U-00Z01C

I have a toshiba satellite PSAA5U-00Z01C it was my dads that has passed away. I want to restore to factory settings. I have tried to repair missing Ethernet controller, and wireless. I can connect to internet with cable but wireless is not available. I figure system total restore may be better, lots of junk on, so comp pretty slow loading. Is there a way to D/L the restore disk? I tried the hold Power press 0, and the F8 way also. Nothing I belive this is a 2005 computer. It has XP Pro 5.1.2600 installed. Any advise?? Thanks
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    If you can not source a restore disc for that particular model, I would complete a Windows Reload and that wack all your drivers back on the unit..

    Fresh install of Windows XP Guide:
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  3. Too easy.
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