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Some motherboards come with multiple ethernet ports on them. Is there any advantage in funneling game data into one dedicated network port, and use the other one for all other data? Ive seen the new Xeno Killer gaming ethernet card and was wondering if having multiple ethernet ports could help mimic this scenario.
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  1. The Xeno Killer gaming ethernet card basically is useless, i.e., it isn't faster than an on-board Gigabit NIC. Motherboards with multiple NICs are excellent when used in servers (particularly when running a bunch of VMs). They aren't that useful for a desktops unless you team them for more throughput, but that works only if other systems on you LAN also have dual NICs that have been teamed. You obviously need very fast disk subsystems; otherwise they become the bottleneck. Using multiple NICs won't make any game faster.
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