No Boot, No Beep, No screen display?

I left my Pc for 7 months powered off, then returned from my trip and found I was getting no bios beep or any video display. I investigated the problem, firstly I had a good look inside to see if I could notice any loose components there was nothing obvious to the eye so I put the case back together and to my surprise it booted but no screen display. After several restarts it fired up with screen display GREAT I thought. Left it for a day or 2 I then powered it on and I could smell a burning smell so I quickly pulled the plug, on looking inside the pc there was no burn damage I even took apart the psu and checked the board and fuses they were both fine. So I checked the processor and it wasn’t burnt nor the ram or anything I am hoping it was just dust heating up, I have unplugged everything and reset bios and still no bios beep surely without ram or anything plugged in I should get a continuous beep or something. I am at a stage now where I am getting power to fans and hdds and dvd drives but no boot could it be a duff processer or motherboard. I just don’t want to go out and buy another motherboard when it’s something stupid that could cost me nothing any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would swap out parts in this order: new power supply, motherboard, ram, and cpu last until it posts every time.
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